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Nutrition for Fertility

What you eat is important in preparing your body for pregnancy, as well as improving your body’s ability to conceive.

Infertility can occur for a number reasons:

· Too little or too much weight

· Hormonal problems such as PCOS or thyroid disorders

· Structural or functional problems with the reproductive organs

· Problems with sperm/egg production

· Problems with the body’s immune system

An eight-year Harvard studyof 18,000 women have found that simple changes in diet, in women with irregular or absent ovulation, improved their fertility by 80%. These involved adapting to a diet that was which in healthy fats, plant-based proteins and whole-grains. As well as reducing foods high in sugar, saturated fats and red meat.

Optimising your nutrition can support your body for by:

· Improving the health and quality of the sperm and egg

· Improve the chance of success through IVF

· Assisting in regulating the ovulation cycles that are impacted by weight 

· Improve the bodies ability to become pregnant

· Improve the chance of carrying the body to full term

· Increase the chance of having a healthy baby

Contact Amy today for help optimise your nutrition to improve your fertility.

Health insurance and Medicare rebates are available for those eligible.

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